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About BirdSmart

Bird specialty store

We are a family owned and operated avian specialty store located in San Diego, Ca. We sell birds of all kinds specializing in hand fed baby birds from small to large. BirdSmart is your one Smart Stop for all your Avian Needs!

What We Offer

Products & Services

The store offers a wide variety of services and products including grooming, boarding, toys, cages, seed, treats, pellet diets, medicine, supplements, nesting supplies, wild bird supplies, gift cards and much more! Our seed is mixed in house and is grown pesticide free! its a premium quality that all birds love.

We also carry: Roudybush, Harrisons, Zupreem, Kaytee, Pretty Bird, Lafebers, Blessings, Mazuri, Kings Cages, Zilla, Hagen, Vision, Vetericyn, Jungle toys, Poop Off, Natures Miricale, Healthy Habitat, Avian Specialties, Living World, J.W., Preview Hendrix, Manu.. and more!

Birds for Sale

Your new family member

Here you can browse our birds that we have for sale in the store. Dont see what your looking for? need more details? feel free to email us with any questions or comments or call the store and out staff will be happy to help you!


  • I have been a bird owner for many years and this store has, and does, it all!!!
    Having lived in San Diego for 30+ years I have yet to find a bird store with a friendlier atmosphere or more knowledgeable staff.
    I frequently go here just to say hi and spend time with the birds they have out and have never once felt unwelcome.
    I am a customer for life!!!


  • This is an awesome store - it's clean, bright (no more dim, dark surroundings) and clean!! Everyone is welcoming and pleasant to deal with. And, a FUN place to hang out with the birds!!!! The staff are ALWAYS willing to spend time answering questions and help with questions. Be sure to check it out.


  • Wow! What a difference! When I recently walked into BirdSmart, I immediately noticed profound changes as compared to conditions under previous ownership. Before, the birds sat on their perches all day without water. No water. Their food was inedible, the store was dirty, and I saw mice in cages on more than one occasion. Now many of the birds enjoy being out of their cages, have clean water and excellent food. The store is clean. But even more importantly was what I felt the moment I walked in. The birds are happy.

    Carolyn W.